Friday, October 31, 2008

The Toucan

Indigenous to the lush South American tropical rain forests, the Toucan is recognized throughout the Americas, especially in the United States. Known for their unusual but unforgettably unique beaks, the function still has scientists puzzled. Scientists and researchers have studied the different functions, but have not been successful in determining it purpose, although they have determined it is not used as a weapon nor is it used to gather food.

Toucans primarily feed on fruit while snacking on an occasional lizard or insect. The bodies are compact as the wings are too. Scientists have determined that the wings were built to fly shorter distances than other birds in the rainforest.

Toucans are often paired off or travel in small groups. Determining the sex of a toucan has been difficult as the male and female bodies are practically identical.

Toucans have become one of the most popular birds in American popular culture. Many companies use it as a marketing tool as they have friendly dispositions, are aesthetically pleasing and embody a unique blend of characteristics. Moreover, they are starting to emerge as one of the most unique choices for bird pets. Additionally, they are often featured in various magazines, newspapers, advertisements, as well as many product lines such as in the Wild Jungle Chick greeting card line.

Vibrant colors, acumen, and the amusing traits these birds contain, have made toucans one the most admired birds in both the rain forest and American pop culture.

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